Tennis Camps 2020

I run tennis camps in every school holiday throughout the year at Grappenhall Tennis Club. The cost is £11.00 9.00-11.00am, £19.00 9.00-1.00pm. 20% DISCOUNT IF BOOKED & PAID BY 1/2. Email me via the ‘Contact Us’ page for more info.

It’s cheaper to book for the whole week:

9.00-11.00am £50.00

9.00-1.00pm £85.00

We cater for children aged 4-14 years with players divided into groups according to their age & ability.  4 year olds are better suited to the  9.00-11.00am slot but can stay until 1.00pm.

Play continues through light to moderate rain so coats/rain jackets are essential in bad weather whilst sun hats/caps and sun cream are a must if hot. Players need to replace fluids especially in hot weather, so water bottles are useful as they can be re-filled throughout the session. During prolonged periods of heavy rain children are entertained inside the clubhouse with quizzes and DVD’s.

If your child is staying 9.00-1.00pm, please pack some snacks as we have a break around 11.00am.  We can provide rackets or the children can bring their own. Either way is fine.

February Camp Date:


For more info & bookings please email