Kids Play Match With No Adult Input Shock!

Published: August 27, 2014

I’ve recently returned from holiday in Majorca & managed to go a whole week without hitting any tennis balls!

I didn’t, however, escape from my football duties. I played with my 10 year old boy, almost every day on the beach where there were two near full size goals about forty yards apart.

One of life’s few guarantees is that a kid & a football will always attract other children & sure enough, it wasn’t long before there were enough players for a match. I made my excuses & headed to the beach bar.

What ensued was a fiercely competitive match between kids of various ages & nationalities with no adult input whatsoever. No referee, linesman or coach. The kids organised themselves, picking sides & making all the decisions re. fouls, corners etc. As players left, others arrived & Freddy was playing for approx. 1.5 Hours.

There was lots of action & great play but not one dispute or argument. They refereed themselves & had a really fun time! There were no expectations placed on them so they could enjoy the match for what it was – a GAME!