Mini Tennis Info

Mini Tennis is a child-friendly version of the real game designed for children aged 4-12 years. It is played on smaller courts (except at Green level) using shorter rackets & low compression balls that make playing & learning much easier.

Autumn Schedule;

Red/Orange 4-9 years Saturday 2/11-14/12 8.30-9.30am  £42.00 at GVLTC

Red/Orange 4-9 years Sunday 3/11-15/12 9.15-10.00am  £38.50 at GVLTC

Red Performance 6-8 years Tuesday 10/9-22/10 4.45-5.45pm  £48.00* inc floodlights at GVLTC

Red/Orange 4-9 years Wednesday 6/11-18/12 4.00-5.00pm £48.00* inc floodlights at GVLTC

Green 10-12 years Wednesday 6/11-18/12 5.00-6.00pm £48.00* inc floodlights at GVLTC

Red  4-9 years Thursdays 7/11-19/12 3.55-4.55pm  £50.75 Indoor at St.Wilfrid’s Parish Hall

Red  4-9 years Fridays 15/11-20/12 4.30-5.30pm  £43.50  Indoor at St.Wilfrid’s Parish Hall